Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips

Congrats on your engagement! Here are some tips on how to get the best photos for your big day!

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At first, everybody says absolutely no to the idea, but here are some thoughts to ponder on….

PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! You will have more images from your big day by seeing each other first! We can set up the scene in order to really capture that special moment (aka- first look) of seeing each other for the first time! We can still make it really special by having the bride walk down the aisle to just the groom waiting at the end for her, or the bride going up and tapping the groom on the shoulder…..the possibilities are endless! Destiny will hide in the corner with her big zoom lens and capture that first glance! By seeing each other before, the groom can actually embrace the bride in that very moment, spin her around and notice all the details of her dress, smooch and snuggle, and soak up that emotional moment of the first look!

Once the bride and groom have a few minutes alone, we can get started with all the pictures of the bride and groom together, with the wedding party, and with the families. THIS WAY WE ARE NOT RUSHED! We can go all around, (inside and outside), and have a fun photo shoot without having to worry about the guests having to wait on us, or worry if it’s getting too dark to go outside for fun pix!

Also, by doing all of the photos before the ceremony, everyone looks fresh, hair and make-up look the best, and everyone has a lot more energy and is more excited about getting great pix! Everyone who ends up doing it this way, is always so glad after the ceremony that we are completely done with pictures, and they can just walk right into that reception to start the party! No one wants to be THAT wedding where all the guests remember how they were starving and had to wait two hours before the couple got to the reception! Destiny won’t let that happen….See each other before!!!

(Seeing each other before the wedding is not required, just highly recommended. If you are set on not seeing each other, just allow 45 minutes to an hour after the ceremony for all the photos, and let the guests start eating while we are taking pix!)


What time does the sun set? What kind of lighting is in the reception? Are there windows in the bride’s room, church, or reception? THE MORE NATURAL LIGHT THE BETTER!

Destiny strongly recommends adding additional lighting to your venue. Don’t be afraid to hire a company to light your reception professionally! It can make a huge difference in your photos. See the “Vendors” page to contact the experts in adding in lighting!


Destiny will sit down with you and help you plan a timeline for your entire day, start to finish. This will take the stress out of wondering what is happening next! The key to a successful timeline is filling everyone in on the plan.


Have as much candle and twinkle lights as possible! Surround the dance floor with twinkle lights (in trees or in an overhead canopy of tulle). These lights make the pictures look more romantic!


What? Yes, Destiny thinks lying is bad, except on your wedding day! Once you have your timeline, fib to all your family members and wedding party, and tell them that we are starting 15 minutes earlier than what is actually scheduled. That way, if they are running late (as everyone does on the wedding day), they are really on time!


Your big day is finally here! You’re getting married! Don’t let the little last minute details spoil the fun! Just relax, go with the flow, and enjoy every minute of your day! Our ultimate goal is for you to get beautiful photos that represent your wedding day, and that you get everything you expect from Destiny Photography and more!

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